A Model of Innovation System for Cultural Products

Document Type : Original Article


PhD Student, Futuristic Studies, Imam Khomeini International University


Despite the fact that the Islamic Revolution was essentially a cultural revolution, studies indicate the spread of supply and consumption of foreign cultural products containing unsuitable themes and messages in the society. This situation, on the one hand, marks the emergence of social and cultural changes, and, on the other, shows the weaknesses and unsuitable performances in the policymaking and organization of creation, production and consumption atmosphere of cultural products. Innovation system is a powerful framework for analysis and proposal of solutions to improve the situation of innovation in production of cultural products. “The system of innovation in cultural products” is a system in which the stages of creation of idea, production, sale and consumption of cultural products and even the consequences of post-consumption period are studied systematically and in an integrated manner and also the necessary changes for overcoming the challenges and improving the conditions are offered. The proposed system lays emphasis on some measures as follows: policy integration, prioritization of products, strengthening of research in cultural industries, supporting key individuals and artists, improvement of mechanism for financial and legal support, public education and awareness, setting up cultural industries parks, establishment of clusters and poles of cultural industries, extending corridors for commercialization of cultural products, supporting to small- and medium-size culture-based firms, establishment of the system of futuristic studies, and monitoring the cultural products. Given the vastness of the problem, the present study employed library research (literature and theoretical foundations), case study (experiences of other countries), and qualitative content analysis of the viewpoints of experts to study the problem. The findings were presented in the form of a model of innovation system in cultural products.