Managerial Requirements of Fundamental Change in Education System

Document Type : Original Article


Secretary General of the Supreme Education Council


After initial ratification of a document to bring about fundamental change in the education system and its subsequent approval by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council, the transformational document was communicated to the Education Ministry for implementation. Without a doubt, introduction of transformational mechanisms in a huge organization such as the Education Ministry requires efficient and effective management so that it could make maximal use of resources and create an effective interaction among the elements of the process of change to set the stage for realization of the objectives of transformation.
The present paper seeks to examine the managerial requirements of fundamental change in order to explore and measure a set of dos and don’ts governing planning, arrangement, direction and leadership, as well as supervision and control involving the transformation of the education system. Commitment to this set of dos and don’ts facilitates the realization of the objectives, minimizes costs and maximizes productivity in order to help promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the transformation.