Impact of Cultural Empathy, Social Initiative and Ethnicism on Cultural Intelligence

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistance Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Payam Nour University, Sanandaj

2 Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Isfahan University


Cultural intelligence is defined as capability to learn new patterns in cultural interactions and offering correct behavioral answers to the said patterns. Given the cultural diversity and mutli-culturality of the Iranian society, the main objective of the present paper is to measure the condition of cultural intelligence and the factors that influence it. 
The research method used in the present paper is descriptive and correlational.. The statistical population of the study included the plus-15 citizens of regions of the city of Sanandaj. The size of sample was 340 calculated on the basis of Kukran formula with maximum dispersion and 5 percent error. The sampling method was multiple cluster sampling.
The descriptive results of the research indicate that condition of variables of research, particularly its dependent variable, that is, cultural intelligence and its dimensions is desirable. The analytical results of the research indicate that the independent variables, that is, cultural empathy, social initiative and ethnicism have a  significantimpact on cultural intelligence. The impact of social initiative and cultural empathy are direct while that of ethnicism in accordance to theoretical expectations is negative and reverse . Finally, it is expected that 24% of the variance of cultural intelligence can be explained by combined linear variance of cultural empathy, social initiative, social ethnicism and economic ethnicism.